Preserving military uniforms (Part II)

You want to protect and preserve that military uniform but where’s a safe place to put it in your home? 


I chew leather!

You’re in a battle against nature.  As materials age, they break down slowly and deteriorate naturally.  A good storage environment can helps slow the process and prevent damage from these forms of natural deterioration:

  • Ultraviolet Light. Over time, ultraviolet light (such as from sunlight) will increase brittleness and discolour fabric.

  • High temperatures. Low temperatures may slow down the rate of fabric deterioration. High temperatures, however, can make fabric brittle.

  • Moisture. Moisture can cause mildew which stains and deteriorates fabric.

  • Insects. Insects (moths, silverfish, carpet beetles, etc.) eat fabric.

  • Pollution. Pollution (dust, pollen, chemicals, cigarette smoke, etc.) can dull, stain and increase the brittleness of fabric.

  • Pets. While you may love them dearly, pets can chew leather, tear fabric and urinate on and discolour fabric.

Infographic - uniform care (pink).jpg

The general rule of thumb for selecting a good location is to avoid storing the uniform in attics or basements or garages, against exterior walls, in direct sunlight, near furnaces or heating/air conditioning vents and in spaces below water pipes.  Whew, that’s a lot of rules.  So, what's left you ask?  Well, that would be an interior room... in a closet or wardrobe just like how you store your everyday clothes. 

If you follow these steps, the uniform will have a longer life!