Museum Renewal Project (surprises)


When we walk into work, many of us know exactly how the day will go.  There’s a routine.  In fact, for some of us, it’s Groundhog Day. 

It isn’t like that at our museum.  We start out each day thinking that the Museum and Archives cannot possibly hand us another surprise and yet… 

Recently, it came to us in the form of a framed photo. 

"Well, how about that!” we thought after the photo was removed from the old frame.  


The photo could have been in that frame for over 90 years.  It had probably sat on a mantle, cherished, and dusted regularly.  

We're grateful for these donations.  Part of the process of accessioning donations (recording them in our inventory) is cleaning them.  It's not cleaning in the traditional sense but, rather, removing contaminants (like dust with a soft bristle brush) and any corrosion.  While doing this cleaning, our Queen of Conservation removed the photo from the frame.  Instead of finding a regular cardboard or paper backing, the photo had been placed over a lithograph.  An unexpected treasure.

There are good days at the Museum when everything goes well (the Museum giveth) and then there are the other days (the Museum taketh away).  This was a good day.