Guest Speaker

Four reasons why to invite a guest speaker from the Museum into your classroom:

  • It adds variety. For many students, hearing a new voice speak about a topic helps them learn it. Also, by bringing in artefacts and primary sources, a guest speaker from the Museum can enhance the students’ learning experience through an interactive element.

  • It give students a different perspective. A guest speaker from the Museum can put a human face on military history, help students think about a topic in different ways and help them link the past to the present.

  • It’s a tailored approach. We adapt our approach and material to different age groups and topics. Our presentations are designed to generate discussions.

  • It’s fun. It’s something new for students.

If you are interested in having a guest speaker from the Museum in your classroom, please contact us well in advance of the proposed date. Also, please keep in mind that the material is suitable for middle and high school students. 

Remembrance Day 2017.jpeg

Borrow items

We can lend objects and we can help set up displays. For example, the Museum created a display for two weeks leading up to Remembrance Day 2017 in between the revolving doors of the Arrivals Level of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (photo at right).  

The Museum makes loans on a case-by-case basis. Four key considerations we take into account in making a loan decision are:

  • The object(s) availability;

  • The object(s) condition in terms of its suitability for travel, handling and display;

  • The intended display’s conditions and security measures; and

  • The length of the loan.

Plan ahead!

Contact us well in advance of the proposed start of the loan. It will give us time to confirm whether we have the items you want and to get a loan agreement in agreement in place before the date you need them. Have the following information ready before you contact us:

  • the start and end date of the loan;

  • the venue(s);

  • details of how the object(s) are intended to be interpreted including exhibition or display themes; and,

  • the proposed security measures.

Keep in mind that borrowers will have to cover direct costs of the loan such as those associated with transportation, crating and packing and insurance. Both the borrower and a Museum representative will sign a loan agreement and a copy of the signed agreement will be provided to the borrower.