Thursday: 6 pm to 9 pm

Notice: ** The Museum will be closed December 20th and 27th 2018**

… and by appointment for other days/time (just e-mail us to make arrangements for tours). Admission is free. Find us at the Minto Armoury at 969 St. Matthews Avenue in Winnipeg. Parking is available at the Armoury and on the streets surrounding the Armoury. Please note that the Museum is age appropriate for visitors 12 years of age and older.


Self-guided tours. The Museum collection is designed so that you may walk through a chronological portrayal of the Regiment's history at your own pace.  

Guided tours. You may also take a guided tour. We'll walk you through the Museum and the displays around the Minto Armoury, which is an incredibly interesting building itself. To help us prepare for the tour, let us know in advance when you would like the tour and for how many people. Please note that there is a nominal fee for a guided tour.  

School tours. Make the Museum part of your school year! Our guided class tours offer amazing opportunities for your students to ask Museum staff questions and get detailed answers on important aspects of Canada’s and Winnipeg’s military history, and make links from the past to the present. We engage students in lively conversations that strengthen curriculum connections and encourage important skills like critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning.  

Students start in a classroom-like setting with a presentation on the history of the Regiment to orient them, then they break into teams where they engage in interactive activities - such as scavenger hunts - in the Museum and at displays around the Minto Armoury. Our approach is adapted to different age groups and topics, and our presentations are designed to generate discussions.  

Please note that there is a nominal fee for a class tour. Please keep in mind that the material covered is suitable for middle and high school students.